Sunday, April 29, 2007
Observing Dreams
I guess everyone that has been following the tagboard and posts of the last few months knows a how much our gorgeous Chrissa has been through. Together we share many dreams. Chrissa and I met by accident on Myspace...only i dont think it was an accident. It was fate that brought us together....though through many challenges we still havnt met in person, but our dreams together are as strong as ever. Through every challenge our love for each other grows stronger.

In Chrissa's post below she tells of feeling like the 5 year old school girl, kissed goodbye at the front gate. As she begins that new journey, i am begining that journey with her. Im reaching out to hold your hand. Chrissa, together you and i shall journey onwards. The unhappiness of the past is going to give way to hapiness together.

The first dream that we shall share...and hence the blog title is that of building our own private observatory. Chrissa, you are forever giving your love to everyone else...I want to start by giving back to you.

Everyone that knows Chrissa knows of her love of Astronomy. It is an area that i have not studied, but one that i want to learn. I want to build chrissa her own personal observatory to mount your telescope. The first observatory is to be built in Chrissa's back yard, whilst the second is to be build on Flinders Island (North East Tasmania).

That leads to a second dream we both share. Both of us we very quickly found have always had a dream of a remote coastal getaway. As it turns out, early last year, i was lucky enough to be offered exactly that in the form of a property on Flinders Island. Chrissa and i are planning to build on that property, and hopefully everyone can watch the progress on Google Earth and Google Maps....You can see the property here.

The next Journey has begun together Chrissa, lets keep on smiling all of the way *poke* :)
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Standing Here
When I was little I used think the only reason my parents didn't want me was the one they would tell me almost on a daily basis...I was told that I was brought into this world to complete the "happy family" picture for their social circle, and other than that I had no use....I was a burden, too much trouble. I even remember so clearly the night my father told me that I was worthless and that to add to my worthlessness and his disappointment I had been a born a girl. Through all the years of my parent's neglect I had one saving grace, Julie, my parent's housekeeper and my nanny, if it wasn't for her love and nuturing through the years I would be far more of an emotional train wreck than I already am. Now she is gone and the world feels so big, and inside my woman's body I feel like the frightened little 5 year old girl that she kissed goodbye on the first day of school...


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Mind Wanderings
Everybody has their own personal world. It is composed of different people, different places, different ideas. My world, like everyone else's is a small piece in the jigsaw puzzle of the universe. I do not wholly understand my world. That is one of my favourite things about it. I do, however, understand parts of my world on some level. It is strangely ironic that the single biggest question in the universe is composed of only one word. Why? That everyone's view of life is different is one of the most wonderful things about the universe for me. As Walt Whitman said, "Oh me, oh life/of the questions of these recurring/of the endless trails of the faithless/of cities filled with the foolish/what good amid these/oh me, oh life?" I feel like that sometimes. I believe that, in order to see any meaning in your life, you have to live your life as yourself. Difficult, but possible.


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Monday, April 09, 2007
Close to my heart

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Here comes that bunny again!
Happy Easter from Chrissa and Drew. :)

Remember, no meat on Good Friday, attend Mass on Easter Sunday and chocolate Easter eggs are a breakfast food. ;)


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Happy Snaps
There is a lengthy update on the way, so don't despair you shall be bored witless again in the very near future. ;p In truth I had written a nice long newsy entry, but as Blogger does so often it saw fit to morph into Pacman and go on a feeding frenzy with my text. :/

So! I have decided that I shall assault your ocular senses with some of my favourite happy snaps that I have taken through the week. Unusually for me they are all digital and also something I am learning to appreciate more and more, macro photography...


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Monday, December 04, 2006
Little snowmen guys
I enjoyed what can only be called a lazy weekend. The closest I came to doing anything remotely strenuous was to help with the Christmas decorations. A Christmas tree stands in pride of place in the lounge-room...looking festive with all its trimmings, the Christmas lights (which I'm sure could rival those in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) are all in place and working and the boughs of holly, snowmen, bows, stockings and whatnot are also settled in their respective places.

Amongst all the Christmas decorations put up over the weekend these little guys are my favourites.

I absolutely adore this time of year...I love present shopping for people, I love the Christmas traditions, Christmas carols, parades, the decorations both at home and in the general community, I love the light displays that through the hard work and generosity of others are there for all to enjoy, I love Midnight Mass and of course, I love the food (drools at the thought of Christmas dinner and all its trimmings). And now there is only 20 days for people to get that shopping done, menus planned and decorations up!

Earlier today I had the chance to walk through my new home and view the almost finished result of all those weeks of building. Once the few little odds and ends are finished and I get the keys handed over in my hot little hand on Thursday this week. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be moving in and in a lot of ways gaining a fresh start. With the new house and so many other great things and events in the pipeline I know it is going to be a great year next year. :D

And there is more! I signed up for a short course photography class that starts after the new year, not only will it be beneficial for my photography, but give me another interest to pass the time until I leave for my holiday. Cool, huh?

I've also made a decision about whether I'll go out on the dinner date and decided to accept...after all my thoughts on dating at the moment were explained and I was still encouraged to accept the invitation, so I am. :)

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Friday, December 01, 2006
I'm having a day at home today...partially because I am a dark shade of tomato red due to a double dose of sunburn, also because I have been out and about so much lately that it is nice to take a breather and spend the day as nothing more than a couch potato, but mostly because I woke this morning with tremors, and slightly blurry vision. My first reaction to the symptom flare up was "please, not again"...although I try to remain positive and try to keep a positive outlook on the future there are some days when the effects of MS can be overwhelming, frustrating, and even angering. I hate finding the most simplest of tasks difficult to undertake/carry-out at times, and I hate the losses I have endured (several friends and a significant other) because of it, either directly or indirectly...To be blunt it is a pain in the bum and heartbreaking at times to have MS, but then I realise that there are people who are so much worse off than I in so many different ways, and that friends or others who decide to walk a path heading away from me because of my MS...well, really weren't worth walking a path with anyway.

So the gist of that little ramble is that even though having MS is a bit like riding a rollercoaster, and I'm not going to be on this earth as long as I would have liked the days that I am able to make the most of life I'm going to do so and not let symptoms, small minded or self absorb people get me down.

All that is really a roundabout way of leading into my next bit of news...

I went to a pool party/BBQ yesterday ( which I enjoyed thoroughly), hence my skin's new shade of red (maybe I should post a couple of the pics taken of my lovely tomato coloured face), and while having a conversation about joining an agency that deals in "extras" for commercials, films and TV programs (it was suggested to me a couple of weeks ago, sounded fun, so I went ahead and did it) with a few people I was introduced to a very genial and witty up and coming film editor (and as Kym eloquently observed and voiced, he's a real hottie)...anyway, the long and the short of it is that we hit it off really well and he asked me out for in a in a proper date not a casual date thingie. Now, the thing is I'm not interested in a serious relationship (still gun-shy and not ready) and I am not one of those people who need to be with someone because they don't want to be alone (these are the ones who generally take from a relationship, but forget it you to give as well)...and because of my MS I am very apprehensive and more than a little frightened to let some get close to me in such a way...I've already had enough heartache to last me a lifetime and wouldn't like to have another all that I don't want to pre-judge someone, I don't want to close any avenues that could help me move on...and last but certainly not least, he called me pretty, lol ( a girl's got to grab every compliment they can as you never know when the next one will come your way :p).

What do I do? I told him that I wasn't really thinking about serious dating and he answered that it was fine; he would still like to take me out to dinner. Asked me to think it over until Monday evening and give him an answer to going out on a dinner date then.

Meanwhile I have another more immediate dilemma; the Sci-Fi channel launched here in Oz today--with tons of great programs in the day's lineup--and also the second Ashes cricket test starts to day...which one do I watch while I impersonate a couch potato? Channel flicking perhaps? Hmm...some decisions are very difficult to make. ;p
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